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Raising Our Celiac Kids

Raising Our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K) was founded by Danna Korn. 

The San Diego Chapter, operating for more than 20 years, is still free to join.  The only qualification for membership is that you read at least one of Danna's books on raising gluten-free children first (and you can get these from many libraries).  Each of her books were reviewed by medical experts in the field.  Reading one of the books helps us all be on the same page with this foundational knowledge.  

Who this is for: Gluten Free-Parents and their younger children 

How often we meet: 3-4 times a year

What to expect at get togethers: A positive, light, gluten-free playtime for your kids with gluten-free snacks, and a chance to share support and practical tips with other parents while the kids play.  

What not to expect:
  • Individualized Dietary guidance - The gluten free diet is very extensive.  The book "Real Life with Celiac Disease" explains how the teenage years can be especially challenging when you're on a  gluten-free diet. 1  We whole-heartedly support recent medical studies and journal articles outlining how crucial involvement with a celiac-savvy registered dietician is, both upfront, to teach the GFD, and in an ongoing way, to assure the best odds of success  it longer term. 2,3
  • Medical guidance 
  • Group Led Therapy Session 
Contact: See Contact Us page

1) Dennis M, Leffler D. Real Life with Celiac Disease. Bethesda: AGA Press, 2010. Page 213-216.    

[2] Mary K. Sharrett, Pam Cureton. Kids and the Gluten Free Diet. Practical Gastroenterology. February 2007; 49-65.

[3] Tricia Thompson. Celiac Disease: What Gluten-Free Means Today. Practical Gastroenterology. February 2012; 19-26.    

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